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Department of Defense
United States Citizens Permanent Full Time
The mission of the United States Air Force is to _fly, fight_ and _win_...in air, space and cyberspace.
To achieve that mission, the Air Force has a vision of _Global Vigilance, Reach and Power_. That vision orbits around three core competencies: Developing Airmen, Technology-to-Warfighting and Integrating Operations. Core competencies and distinctive capabilities are based on a shared commitment to three core values -- _integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do_.
U.S. Citizenship Required Relocation and Recruitment incentive MAY be offered Permanent Change of Station (PCS) will not be paid
The primary purpose of this position is to serve as a professional engineer, performing operations and maintenance engineering duties in support of a military installation.
Specifically, you will:
Perform operation and maintenance engineering involving repair, upgrade, design, and operation of equipment and systems to infrastructure facilities, including utility systems, utilizing a professional knowledge of multi-discipline engineering;
Provide multi-discipline engineering support to trades and crafts;
Perform work in the construction management, design, and/or programming/base development functions.
To qualify for this position, you must meet one of the Basic Requirements AND one of the Additional Requirement below.
Basic Requirements:
A. A Bachelor''s degree in professional engineering. The curriculum must be in a school of engineering with at least one engineering curriculum accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Note: You must submit your transcripts.
OR B. A Bachelor''s Degree in professional engineering. The curriculum must include differential and integral calculus. The curriculum must also include courses (more advanced than first-year physics and chemistry) in 5 of the 7 following areas of engineering science or physics: (a) statics, dynamics; (b) strength of materials; fluid mechanics, hydraulics; (d) thermodynamics; (e) electric fields and circuits; (f) nature and properties of materials; and (g) any other comparable area of engineering science or physics, such as optics, heat transfer, soil mechanics, or electronics. Note: You must submit transcripts.
OR C. Completed 60 semester hours of courses in the physical, mathematical and engineering sciences, and in engineering that included the courses specified in B above. The courses were fully acceptable toward meeting the requirements of a professional engineering curriculum. Note: You must submit your transcripts.
OR D. A Bachelor''s degree in engineering technology or in an appropriate professional field such as physics, chemistry, architecture, computer science, mathematics, hydrology, or geology AND I have one year of professional engineering experience acquired under professional engineering supervision and guidance (including an established plan of intensive training to develop professional engineering competence). Note: You must submit your transcripts.
OR E. Successfully passed the Engineer-in-Training (EIT) examination and earned one of the following: (a) a Bachelor''s degree in engineering technology (BET) from an accredited college or university that included 60 semester hours of courses in the physical, mathematical, and engineering sciences, OR (b) a BET from a program accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Note: You must submit your transcripts.
OR F. Currently registered as a professional Engineer. This registration is with a State, the District of Columbia, Guam, or Puerto Rico; OR this registration is in general engineering or a directly related engineering field and was gained by State grandfather or eminence provisions. Note: You must submit documentation of your current registration.
Additional Requirement:
A. At leastone year of specialized experience, equivalent to at least the GS-09 level, or equivalent pay band in other pay systems in the Federal government. This experience may also have been obtained in the private sector, but must demonstrate that it is comparable to the GS grade indicated. Specialized experience may have been demonstrated by performing duties such as: performing engineering work involving the maintenance, repair, and design of equipment and systems to infrastructure facilities; reviewing architecture and engineer contract and designs for future construction, renovations, or improvements to determine structural compatibility, maintainability, and functionality; identifying and prioritizing short and long-range plans pertaining to the operations and maintenance of built and natural infrastructure; and coordinating projects with architect and engineer firms to exchange information and expedite work.
B. Completed a Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree or 3 full years (54 semester hours or equivalent) of progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree. This education must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this position. NOTE: You must submit copies of college transcripts.
C. An equivalent combination of the specialized experience and graduate level education described above. Note: Only education in excess of two years (36 semester hours or equivalent) is creditable toward meeting the experience requirement when combining experience and education. To determine if you qualify under this combination first divide your total months of qualifying specialized experience by 12. Then divide your semester hours of graduate education beyond two years by 18. Finally, add the two percentages. The total percentage must equal at least 100 percent to qualify. NOTE: You must provide copies of your graduate transcripts before the closing date of the announcement.
For more information on these qualification standards, please visit the United States Office of Personnel Management''s website at .
PART-TIME OR UNPAID EXPERIENCE: Credit will be given for appropriate unpaid work on the same basis as for paid experience. Part-time experience will be credited on the basis of time actually spent in appropriate activities. To receive credit for such experience you must indicate clearly the nature of the duties and responsibilities in each position held and the number of hours per week spent in such employment.
Education: T ranscripts (unofficial) are required at the time of application to verify that you meet the educational requirements or substitution for this position. Only attendance and/or degrees from schools accredited by accrediting institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education may be credited. Applicants can verify accreditation at the following website: .
Foreign Education : If you are using education completed in foreign colleges or universities to meet the qualification requirements, you must show that the education credentials have been evaluated by a private organization that specializes in interpretation of foreign education programs and such education has been deemed equivalent to that gained in an accredited U.S. education program; or full credit has been given for the courses at a U.S. accredited college or university. For further information, visit: .
_Other Significant Facts:_
1. Work may occasionally require travel away from the normal duty station on military and commercial aircraft.
2. The work may require the employee to drive a motor vehicle. An appropriate, valid driver's license may be required for the position.
3. May act as project liaison with the Army Corps of Engineers or other design agencies as required.
4. May be required to serve on Architectural & Engineering selection boards or construction contract source selection boards.
Your qualifications will be evaluated on the basis of your level of knowledge, skills, abilities and/or competencies in the following areas:
Technical Competence- Facility Engineering and Construction
Program Planning and Budgeting
Oral Communication
CATEGORY RATING: Your application will be evaluated and rated under Category Rating selection procedures. Once the application process is complete, a review of your r sum and supporting documentation will be made and compared against your responses to the assessment questionnaire to determine if you are qualified for this job. If, after reviewing your r sum and supporting documentation, a determination is made that you have inflated your responses when compared to your background information, your category rating may be adjusted to more accurately reflect your skills and abilities, or you may be rated ineligible. Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your eligibility. Qualified candidates will be assigned to a quality category. The quality categories are:
_Category 3_, Best Qualified: Candidates in this category possess exceptional skills and experience to exceed well above the minimum requirements for this position.
_Category 2_, Highly Qualified: Candidates in this category possess good skills and experience above the minimum requirements for this position.
_Category 1_, Qualified: Candidates in this category meet the minimum education and/or experience requirements for this position.
The Category Rating Process does not add veteran''s preference points or apply the "rule of three", but protects the rights of veterans by placing them ahead of non-preference eligibles within each category. Preference eligible who meet the minimum qualification requirements and who have a compensable service-connected disability of at least 10 percent must be listed in the highest quality category (except in the case of scientific or professional positions at the GS-9 level or higher)
To apply for this position, you must complete the occupational questionnaire and submit the documentation specified in the Required Documents section below.
The complete application package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on Monday, June 02, 2014 to receive consideration.
To begin, click Apply Online to create a USAJOBS account or log in to your existing account. Follow the prompts to select your USAJOBS resume and/or other supporting documents and complete the occupational questionnaire.
Click the Submit My Answers button to submit your application package.
It is your responsibility to ensure your responses and appropriate documentation is submitted prior to the closing date.
To verify your application is complete, log into your USAJOBS account, , select the Application Status link and then select the more information link for this position. The Details page will display the status of your application, the documentation received and processed, and any correspondence the agency has sent related to this application. Your uploaded documents may take several hours to clear the virus scan process.
To return to an incomplete application, log into your USAJOBS account and click Update Application in the vacancy announcement. You must re-select your resume and/or other documents from your USAJOBS account or your application will be incomplete.
All applicants are required to submit the following documents prior to the closing date of this announcement. The application package must be submitted by 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).
Resume (cover letter is optional). Your resume must include the begining and ending dates of employment (month/year), number of hours/week, and duties performed for each position listed.
Unofficial College Transcripts are required at the time of application to verify that you meet the basic educational requirements of this position. If selected you may be required to produce official transcripts before being appointed. Failure to provide transcripts will result in an ineligible rating.
Veterans'' Preference Documentation (if applicable):
All Veterans: DD-214 (Member 4 copy is preferred), which includes character of service, or a Statement of Service/Proof of Service letter which includes service dates, type of separation, and character of service. Below is a website for veterans to gain access to their DD-214 online: /.
Disabled Veterans: In addition to your DD-214 you must provide a VA Disability Letter (with percentage of disability) OR document of disability determination from a branch of the Armed Forces which reflects a compensable service-connected disability rating.
Derived Preference: The spouse, widow/widower, or mother of a veteran may be eligible to claim veterans'' preference when the veteran is unable to use it. To do so, you must submit an SF-15 ( ) and the documentation required by that form.
Veterans'' Preference : For more information and/or to determine if you are eligible for Veterans'' Preference, please visit (for veterans) or (for family members).
Faxing Applications or Supporting Documents : You are encouraged to apply online. Applying online will allow you to review and track the status of your application.
NOTE: If you applied online and your application is complete, do not fax the paper application (1203FX) as this will overwrite your prior online responses and may result in you being found ineligible.
If you completed the occupational questionnaire online and are unable to upload supporting document(s):
1. To fax your documents, you must use the following cover page and provide the required information. The Vacancy ID is: 1119472.
2. Fax your documents to .
If you cannot complete the Application Package online, you may fax all of your materials. The complete application package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on Monday, June 02, 2014 to receive consideration. Keep a copy of your fax confirmation in the event verification is needed.
To complete the occupational questionnaire and submit via fax:
1. Click the following link to view and print the occupational questionnaire View Occupational Questionnaire.
2. Print the 1203FX form ( ), follow the instructions and provide your responses to the occupational questionnaire items.
3. Fax the completed 1203FX form along with any supporting documents to . Your 1203FX will serve as a cover page for your fax transmission.
Once the online questionnaire is received, you will receive an acknowledgement email that your submission was successful. After a review of your application and supporting documentation, you may be referred to the hiring official. If your name is referred to the hiring official, you may be contacted directly by that office for a possible interview. To view the status of your application, log into your USAJOBS account, , select the Application Status link and then select the more information link for this position. The Details page will display the status of your application, the documentation received and processed, and any correspondence the agency has sent related to this application.
This link provides an overview of the benefits currently offered to Federal employees: .
Males born after 12-31-1959 must be registered or exempt from Selective Service (see /).
The Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) and Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP) provide eligible displaced Federal competitive service employees with selection priority over other candidates for competitive service vacancies. To be qualified you must submit appropriate documentation (a copy of the agency notice, your most recent performance rating, and your most recent SF-50 noting current position, grade level, and duty location) and be rated well-qualified by placing in the Highly Qualified or Best Qualified category for this vacancy. Additional information about ICTAP and CTAP eligibility is on OPM''s Career Transition Resources website at .
Temporary and Term Appointments: If you are selected for a temporary or term position, your appointment may be extended to the maximum period allowed by law without further competition.
Employed Annuitants (Reemployed Annuitants): Applicants in receipt of an annuity based on civilian employment in the Federal Service are subject to the DoD Policy on The Employment of Annuitants. Clickhere for more information.
This announcement may be used to fill like vacancies for 90 days after the closing date. Applicants may be referred for consideration as vacancies occur.

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